History of Reflexology

Public opinions differ on how old reflexology is – some say it is a new treatment whilst others think it is much older.  Well in a way both opinions are correct. Reflexology as we know it is relatively new, in fact it wasn’t introduced to the UK until the 1960s by a lady called Doreen Bayly.  Prior to this there was some earlier work by Eunice Ingham (1930s), Dr Fitzgerald (1915) and Sir Henry Head (1890). There is evidence that some form of foot and hand therapy was being practiced in China around 4000 BC and also around the same time in Egypt too.  Hieroglyphics show some form of foot and hand ‘massage’ therapy.

What is Reflexology?

As well as a wonderfully relaxing treatment, a reflexologist uses a holistic approach to assist the body to restore homeostasis (balance).  Essentially when we are ill or run-down our energy isn’t flowing as it should be, therefore we become un-balanced. By gently manipulating the reflexes on the feet or hands, these reflexes are stimulated thereby encouraging energy flow, and enabling the body to try to heal itself.

Below are some of the benefits of Reflexology:

* Stimulates over 7,000 different nerve endings in the foot alone and each of these corresponds to a body part
* Helps with opening and cleansing neural pathways
* Can help improve the functionality and flexibility of different areas around the body
* Can increase metabolism and energy creation within the body
* Improves circulation within the body
* Reduces stress and induces a state of calm throughout the body and mind
* Reduces severity of migraines and headaches


Reflexology offered at New Moon:

Simply Reflexology – a wonderfully relaxing treatment.  This is perhaps the starting point for someone who hasn’t received reflexology before. 

Gentle Touch Reflexology for Dementia - this a special very gentle treatment specifically for those suffering from Dementia.

Hand reflexology - A warming, relaxing treatment ideally suited to help with anxiety and depression. It is also especially beneficial for the elderly or those who don't like their feet being touched.

Aroma- Reflexology – Essential oils are incorporated into the treatment, so you gain the benefits of not only the reflexology but also the aromas and therapeutic properties of the oils too.  This treatment is especially good for people with arthritis and leg cramps.

Hot Stone Reflexology – This gorgeous treatment uses hot stones to stimulate the reflexes, giving up to 5 times more efficacy than conventional treatment, and leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated, and just blissfully relaxed.

NEPIP - NEPIP is a specialist reflexology treatment covering the Immune, Nervous, Endocrine and Limbic systems while working on both feet simultaneously. It is based on scientific research into the body’s response to stress and offers a uniquely relaxing and balancing experience.

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