My name is Alison Savage, owner of New Moon Holistic Therapies.

I am passionate about my therapies and ensuring clients receive the best experiences. I began my journey into Complementary Therapies after receiving Reiki for persistent neck and shoulder pain from an old whiplash injury. The relief this simple therapy gave me was immense and I will always be grateful to my Reiki therapists for their encouragement to become attuned to Reiki myself.

I am now a Reiki Master, but am still learning all the time.  I love working with babies, children and animals as well as adults.

It took me a few years after that before training to become a Level 5 Reflexologist (the highest qualification level available).

I have also qualified with the wonderful Sue Ricks in both Hot Stone Reflexology and also Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children.  I am now a certified Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor, so I can teach parents/carers how to help their own children when their children are perhaps struggling with teething pain, colic, digestive issues or exam stress or just spending some wonderful bonding time with them.  I love the fact that I can help parents to feel less useless when it comes to these types of problems, because I really do know how that feels when your little one is screaming because the colic is unbearable.

Another of my treatments is thermal auricular therapy, or ear candling.  As a long term sufferer of hay fever and ear and throat problems I took to seeking an alternative route to help me, and again the relief was wonderful, so I decided to train. The benefits for conditions such as hay fever, tinnitus, sinus problems, headaches/migraines are fantastic.

I am a member of Professional Reflexology, an association for reflexologists who believe in high standards within the industry.

As I mentioned earlier I am always learning and 2017/18 is no exception, as I am now studying Level 4 Aromatherapy and will be introducing Aromatherapy massages from September 2018.

I believe in every single one of my therapies, and will never offer something that I am not 100% happy to receive myself.